Back once again!

Hello people. 

It's been a while since I posted. I've been taking a little break from writing and recording. After 2 full years of constant music making, I took a few months to reflect on my achievements and try to recharge the batteries a little bit. 

But anyone who knows me personally will know that I can't sit still for too long. The music calls me like the Ocean calls Moana (That's a line I'll use in a song for sure) 

So I'm back on the scene and making new tracks. I'm not sure yet but I'm considering making one more album and then calling it quits. I've achieved everything I set out to do and I'll be honest, it's getting harder to write songs now since I've healed from my past heartbreaks and dramas. 

A third and final album might be a good way to go out. I've already got more than enough songs and ideas to maybe put another 2 out but I feel like 3 albums will be a nice place to end it, but who knows. I might carry on if I can't walk away. My plan after this is to write songs for other people. I've been dabbling in this for a while now and I've been working on writing different styles of music, so not just rap and Hip Hop songs. I've been writing Pop songs and Ballads which I'm hoping might be used by some bigger artists in the future. 

I'm also going to make a go of Music management and fully open up my "School Of Rap" business that has been in the pipeline for a few months now, maybe start a record label/management company and use what I've learned to help some other people. I'm lucky that I've made plenty of friends and contacts in my short time in the music industry and I think I have something to offer after my "Rap Career" (If you can call it that...) ends. 

A quick update on my last album "No Time To Waste" (still available to buy/download/stream BTW) It's currently sitting at about 65,000 streams across all platforms in 2 months since release so I'm made up with that to be honest. I've had some radio play here and there (Feeling Good was going round Sweden for some reason!!) 

Next up on the agenda is my new single "Steal The Show" which you can purchase in the music tab above. Or wait until October 15th when it's released on all streaming platforms. I'm really proud of this song, it's not too serious and has a really cool, funky vibe to it. I literally wrote it in about 25 mins in the studio so I'm pretty happy how it turned out. I do really need to up my visuals game though and get some music videos out. I've been stalling but I'm making a vow right now to make at least one proper music video. 

Anyway... That's it for now. Ill be back soon with another update. 


Mr J


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