Happy New Year!

Happy New year people. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I had a decent one to be fair with the exception of having a horrendous cold. It wasn't COVID but actually worse than when i did have the dreaded virus which is crazy. Remember when you could have a cold without feeling guilty? I went to the cinema once my cold had died down and still had a little cough and people were looking at me like I was a Zombie in the Walking Dead! 

Anyway.... Back to the music...... This week I've recorded a new track called "Forgiven" which has been a real release for me. I've been through the mill emotionally for the past 2 years and I've been holding grudges against people for far too long. My new track explains how I must forgive people for my own mental health, me hating people for what they did to me only affects me. Nobody else. It steals my happiness, the hatred and anger takes up far too much room in my heart and head for me to let love inside for the people who deserve it from me. So me writing this song is me forgiving the people who hurt me, I'm not expecting anything back from these people, it's purely to help me heal and move on, and this is a final step. 

You can check it out on my music page on this website and purchase for a small fee which, as I've mentioned before, really helps me keep going as an artist. 

The music on Forgiven was a joint effort from my two producers Jack and Paul. 

Jack had initially made this beat for a different song but i begged him for it as ive loved it since the first time i heard it. I took Paul in the studio with me to lend an ear and he's since made some changes to beef up the tune a little, added in some extra drums and the Jazz style saxophone parts which really bring out the emotion in the song. It's not gonna be for everyone, and it was never meant for that. I wrote it for me, to help me, to heal me. Let's see if it works! 

Anyway, in other news... Ive been out to a few local HipHop gigs recently, the first one was Origin at Off The Square in Manchester to see Britizen Kane's first headline show. He killed it, like he always does to be fair. BK is super active in the scene and probably the busiest rapper in the world when it comes to smashing out content so I've got nothing but respect for him. Check him out on Spotify or wherever to listen to some heavy, lyrical, grimey skills. 

At that gig he was supported by Rowen James who I'm proud to call a friend now. A massive inspiration for me. His view on life that he often portrays thorough his music is, in my opinion, profound. His song "Greatest Trick" is one of my favourite songs of all time. Again, do yourself a favour and search for Rowen James on spotify. What he lacks in numbers, he makes up for in wisdom and sheer lyrical genius. I hope to see plenty more of Ro in this coming year. 

Conduit also performed at Off The Square and brought the house down quite frankly. His fanbase is incredible and superbly loyal. He rocked up with dozens of people who chanted his name, sang every line and rocked the house. I'll be performing with Conduit at our gig in Ashton Under Lyne in march (details tbc on this one) 

Pique Roscoe was fantastic too. With his heavy boom bap style and old school vibe..... Brilliant. 

The next gig was again at Off the square, this time it was "Jingle Bars" with the Midication team. Legendary Manchester artist and producer JSD brought his posse to give us some festive hiphop. JSD was on first and absolutely KILLED IT!! Ive been singing "I aint got no time" in my head for a good 3 weeks now. His aggressive, yet, deep cadence is infectious. I'm hoping one day ill get the honour of working with him as it would be incredible to get in the studio. 

Persia was brilliant with her old school Boom Bap vibes, Prima was world class with her vocals, I must admit, I hadn't heard much before the gig but my god..... Myself and Soul31 were astounded by her incredible singing voice. I had goosebumps... literally. It was what I'd imagine it's like hearing Beyonce for the first time live was. She was amazing. 

Francesca was amazing, D Jordan was intense and RJ.... with his aggression on the mic....WOW! 

An all round incredible gig. They both were. I'm lucky I got to witness both first hand. It was good for me to get out there and do some "networking" Ive been putting music out now for the best part of two year, released two albums but not really interacted with other artists due to lockdowns so I'm trying to be a bit more active in the scene. 

Shoutout also to Soul31 for accompanying me to those gigs. More on Soul31 in the next blog! 

Anyway.... it's been a long one... Until next time people. 

Don't let the bastards get you down.

2022! Lets get it! 

Mr J. 



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