It's a Superficial world that we live in!

Hey everyone. 

Welcome back to the blog. I've recently been working on a load of new songs and my next release will be a song called "Superficial" which is a track I've been messing around with for a few months. It's all about how we are slaves to social media, how we portray our lives via Instagram/Facebook/TikTok and the likes. I think it's a great song, very current in terms of the lyrical content. 

I think we are all guilty of "showing up" for social media, even though we might not be having the best time, relationships could be breaking down, money worries, mental health problems and all manor of other stuff could be happening to us, yet on social media..... we all pretend our lives are perfect.

My chorus on this song, "you only see my posts so you never know my pain" is a powerful line I think, and something we should all be working on avoiding. 

I also have a major problem with "Influencers" I don't like how they are paid by big brands to essentially con people out of money. I consider it stealing from the poor to give to the rich. They get flown all over the world and paid stupid money for us, our kids, our friends, everyone to believe that we need all the things they are selling. I'm not gonna buy a blender because someone who was on Hollyoaks once tells me I need one! and you shouldn't either. Make your own choices in life! 

Anyway.... My new single talks all about this. It's available to buy on my music tab on this very website.

As always, I appreciate all of the support. 

Mr J

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