Hey people, Mr Jones here. Welcome back to the blog! 

Just a quick update on what's going on at the moment. So my second album "No Time To Waste" is practically finished, just waiting for a few weeks in case I end up writing something album worthy before I schedule a release. I made this mistake with the first album, I literally released every song I wrote instantly because I was in such a rush to get stuff out. Nowadays, I've learned that patience brings better songs. 

If you've seen my Instagram posts, a few weeks ago I was tinkering with changing my style for a song and making a kinda "Trap" song. I got loads of good feedback on this so I'm currently working on this, the song is called "Hook, Beat, Money" which is totally out of my comfort zone.

My songs have always been firmly in the "BoomBap" category of Hip hop but the music out there these days.... BoomBap is considered a little dated. Which I knew anyway, and I always believe that I should be making music that I enjoy. But I'm going off some advice from my friends who say.... "Make a more current sounding song" so here I am.... writing a trap song, going against everything I know in a hope that it might bring me some younger fans. 

I'm also doing some work with a local charity called Positive Steps, where I give monthly talks to school & college kids about what it takes to be an independent musician. It's really enjoyable and it feels great to pass on some knowledge. Even though I'm relatively new to this myself, I have picked up plenty of things that I can pass on. 

You can check out Positive Steps here if you're interested in what they do.......

Anyway... Thanks for reading and I'll be posting again in a couple of days with some news about my new business venture which is exciting!! 

Thank you for your continued support as always. 

If you want to support in more ways, you can purchase my music by going to the music tab above. My new single "Thinking" is available there, 2 weeks before general release. You buying it here is the equivalent of 10,000 Spotify streams believe it or not!! 

Mr Jones