About Mr Jones

Mr Jones is a Hip Hop artist, songwriter and Record label owner from Manchester UK. The talented wordsmith is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound, style and lyricism. 

Using witty bars and clever rhymes, Mr Jones aims to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to create a well rounded, dynamic style. 

His debut album "Long Time Coming" was well received and showed Mr Jones's versatility in writing, with captivating stories and humorous bars, there's something for everyone on this piece of music.

"No Time to waste" was the follow up album released on July 17th 2021 which saw Mr Jones grow into a much more accomplished writer. Standout songs on this album being "Thinking" and the mighty "Hook, Beat, Money"

Now working on his third album "Time to Go" (expected 2023)