New Year.... New Moves. 

Happy new year people. I always have good intentions of writing regular blogs and letting people know what I'm up to but if I'm totally honest, I just get too busy.

Obviously Music isn't my full time job (yet) but I do treat it like it is and sometimes it takes up more time than a career. I'm a very driven guy when it comes to my passions, I work hard at this. When I'm not doing my "real job".... I'm writing songs, in the studio recording, making beats with 4Zero, promoting, making artwork, writing for other artists, managing the musicians that are on my label, looking for new talent, networking, planning releases, arranging gigs, going to shows, doing podcast interviews as well as writing industry news and reviews on  

Mix this in with trying to live a full life, raise my daughter, run my other business and work full time... It's a lot of work! But here we are. 

2022 was a great year for me. I performed some sell out shows at the Witchwood alongside some of my best friends Soul31, Rowen James and Conduit. Headlined my first ever show at The Hip Hop Chip shop and for the first time DID'NT release an album. I decided to take my time. My first album "Long time coming" for me was a defining moment of my life, I worked so hard to get that project out in such a short time frame but when I listen back now, I'm a little embarrassed by it. I rushed it, although some of the songs popped and people loved it, I think I went a little overboard. The second album was much better but again, I was in a rush, on a roll and wanted to make the most of my time as a rapper before I ultimately ran out of steam and inspiration. 

My next album will come out this year. I've worked hard to become a much better writer, our production game with 4Zero has gone up so many levels and my songs are much better in general I believe. Practice makes perfect so the next one will be legit. "Extra Time" will drop at some point this year, date to be confirmed but I'm not going to pressure myself by giving an exact date. I'm just working naturally until me and my team think it's ready to go! 

Speaking of "My Team" I think I need to shoutout some of the people that have supported me in the last year and give them some of the credit they deserve. 

First up... 4Zero, My producer, the man behind the music who works so hard behind the scenes, making beats, mixing, mastering, constantly trying to make my music sound better. The nicest guy you'll ever meet who has become a very good friend to me over the past few years and honestly... I wouldn't be here without him. Thank you bud. 

Soul31... Not only is Soul one of the most talented artists in Manchester (and beyond in my opinion) he's also my best mate, an inspiration to me and a shoulder to lean on. We've been through all of this music journey side by side, almost from day one, we started together and supported each other all the way through. Soul31 deserves some recognition. You can stream his music here

Rowen James, another exceptionally talented artist whom I look up to. I started as a fan of Ro, then became a friend. As someone who has been around the music scene for a long time, I appreciate his advice, I get inspired by him and I've never resonated with anyone's lyrics more than his. I'm looking forward to helping you release your new album. 

There's plenty more people who need shouting out, In no particular order but these people also made my year last year. Jack Hughes for always being there and helping me improve, Mic Check media for the constant support, DJ Stefan for gassing me up at every opportunity, The 6th Floor show for always spinning my tunes, Marshall Mann at the Spotify scavenger podcast for supporting, Stringfela, Mista Doesha for putting me on the map in LA. Donnie Danko, Ultra Eko, Cohort pictures, Streetstar studios, Envision Images, Kenny Jonczyk, Jonny Nadin, Chev Chelios, Rick Gray, Pauly T, Shaun Waldren, Tara Samari, Sketch, Gavner P, Mike Murphy, Seb Sag and so many more. My Mum and Dad, my brother, My nan and the rest of my incredible family. My baby Summer Jones, Riley and obviously my Queen Stacy, for always supporting me. 

Here's to 2023. No days off. Keep moving. 



Happy New Year! 

Happy New year people. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I had a decent one to be fair with the exception of having a horrendous cold. It wasn't COVID but actually worse than when i did have the dreaded virus which is crazy. Remember when you could have a cold without feeling guilty? I went to the cinema once my cold had died down and still had a little cough and people were looking at me like I was a Zombie in the Walking Dead! 

Anyway.... Back to the music...... This week I've recorded a new track called "Forgiven" which has been a real release for me. I've been through the mill emotionally for the past 2 years and I've been holding grudges against people for far too long. My new track explains how I must forgive people for my own mental health, me hating people for what they did to me only affects me. Nobody else. It steals my happiness, the hatred and anger takes up far too much room in my heart and head for me to let love inside for the people who deserve it from me. So me writing this song is me forgiving the people who hurt me, I'm not expecting anything back from these people, it's purely to help me heal and move on, and this is a final step. 

You can check it out on my music page on this website and purchase for a small fee which, as I've mentioned before, really helps me keep going as an artist. 

The music on Forgiven was a joint effort from my two producers Jack and Paul. 

Jack had initially made this beat for a different song but i begged him for it as ive loved it since the first time i heard it. I took Paul in the studio with me to lend an ear and he's since made some changes to beef up the tune a little, added in some extra drums and the Jazz style saxophone parts which really bring out the emotion in the song. It's not gonna be for everyone, and it was never meant for that. I wrote it for me, to help me, to heal me. Let's see if it works! 

Anyway, in other news... Ive been out to a few local HipHop gigs recently, the first one was Origin at Off The Square in Manchester to see Britizen Kane's first headline show. He killed it, like he always does to be fair. BK is super active in the scene and probably the busiest rapper in the world when it comes to smashing out content so I've got nothing but respect for him. Check him out on Spotify or wherever to listen to some heavy, lyrical, grimey skills. 

At that gig he was supported by Rowen James who I'm proud to call a friend now. A massive inspiration for me. His view on life that he often portrays thorough his music is, in my opinion, profound. His song "Greatest Trick" is one of my favourite songs of all time. Again, do yourself a favour and search for Rowen James on spotify. What he lacks in numbers, he makes up for in wisdom and sheer lyrical genius. I hope to see plenty more of Ro in this coming year. 

Conduit also performed at Off The Square and brought the house down quite frankly. His fanbase is incredible and superbly loyal. He rocked up with dozens of people who chanted his name, sang every line and rocked the house. I'll be performing with Conduit at our gig in Ashton Under Lyne in march (details tbc on this one) 

Pique Roscoe was fantastic too. With his heavy boom bap style and old school vibe..... Brilliant. 

The next gig was again at Off the square, this time it was "Jingle Bars" with the Midication team. Legendary Manchester artist and producer JSD brought his posse to give us some festive hiphop. JSD was on first and absolutely KILLED IT!! Ive been singing "I aint got no time" in my head for a good 3 weeks now. His aggressive, yet, deep cadence is infectious. I'm hoping one day ill get the honour of working with him as it would be incredible to get in the studio. 

Persia was brilliant with her old school Boom Bap vibes, Prima was world class with her vocals, I must admit, I hadn't heard much before the gig but my god..... Myself and Soul31 were astounded by her incredible singing voice. I had goosebumps... literally. It was what I'd imagine it's like hearing Beyonce for the first time live was. She was amazing. 

Francesca was amazing, D Jordan was intense and RJ.... with his aggression on the mic....WOW! 

An all round incredible gig. They both were. I'm lucky I got to witness both first hand. It was good for me to get out there and do some "networking" Ive been putting music out now for the best part of two year, released two albums but not really interacted with other artists due to lockdowns so I'm trying to be a bit more active in the scene. 

Shoutout also to Soul31 for accompanying me to those gigs. More on Soul31 in the next blog! 

Anyway.... it's been a long one... Until next time people. 

Don't let the bastards get you down.

2022! Lets get it! 

Mr J. 



It's a Superficial world that we live in!  

Hey everyone. 

Welcome back to the blog. I've recently been working on a load of new songs and my next release will be a song called "Superficial" which is a track I've been messing around with for a few months. It's all about how we are slaves to social media, how we portray our lives via Instagram/Facebook/TikTok and the likes. I think it's a great song, very current in terms of the lyrical content. 

I think we are all guilty of "showing up" for social media, even though we might not be having the best time, relationships could be breaking down, money worries, mental health problems and all manor of other stuff could be happening to us, yet on social media..... we all pretend our lives are perfect.

My chorus on this song, "you only see my posts so you never know my pain" is a powerful line I think, and something we should all be working on avoiding. 

I also have a major problem with "Influencers" I don't like how they are paid by big brands to essentially con people out of money. I consider it stealing from the poor to give to the rich. They get flown all over the world and paid stupid money for us, our kids, our friends, everyone to believe that we need all the things they are selling. I'm not gonna buy a blender because someone who was on Hollyoaks once tells me I need one! and you shouldn't either. Make your own choices in life! 

Anyway.... My new single talks all about this. It's available to buy on my music tab on this very website.

As always, I appreciate all of the support. 

Mr J

Back once again!  

Hello people. 

It's been a while since I posted. I've been taking a little break from writing and recording. After 2 full years of constant music making, I took a few months to reflect on my achievements and try to recharge the batteries a little bit. 

But anyone who knows me personally will know that I can't sit still for too long. The music calls me like the Ocean calls Moana (That's a line I'll use in a song for sure) 

So I'm back on the scene and making new tracks. I'm not sure yet but I'm considering making one more album and then calling it quits. I've achieved everything I set out to do and I'll be honest, it's getting harder to write songs now since I've healed from my past heartbreaks and dramas. 

A third and final album might be a good way to go out. I've already got more than enough songs and ideas to maybe put another 2 out but I feel like 3 albums will be a nice place to end it, but who knows. I might carry on if I can't walk away. My plan after this is to write songs for other people. I've been dabbling in this for a while now and I've been working on writing different styles of music, so not just rap and Hip Hop songs. I've been writing Pop songs and Ballads which I'm hoping might be used by some bigger artists in the future. 

I'm also going to make a go of Music management and fully open up my "School Of Rap" business that has been in the pipeline for a few months now, maybe start a record label/management company and use what I've learned to help some other people. I'm lucky that I've made plenty of friends and contacts in my short time in the music industry and I think I have something to offer after my "Rap Career" (If you can call it that...) ends. 

A quick update on my last album "No Time To Waste" (still available to buy/download/stream BTW) It's currently sitting at about 65,000 streams across all platforms in 2 months since release so I'm made up with that to be honest. I've had some radio play here and there (Feeling Good was going round Sweden for some reason!!) 

Next up on the agenda is my new single "Steal The Show" which you can purchase in the music tab above. Or wait until October 15th when it's released on all streaming platforms. I'm really proud of this song, it's not too serious and has a really cool, funky vibe to it. I literally wrote it in about 25 mins in the studio so I'm pretty happy how it turned out. I do really need to up my visuals game though and get some music videos out. I've been stalling but I'm making a vow right now to make at least one proper music video. 

Anyway... That's it for now. Ill be back soon with another update. 


Mr J


Let's Go!  

Morning all....

Hope everyone is doing well. This week is album launch week and if you've come here to read this blog then obviously the next logical step is to go to the music tab and buy my new album! This is priority access! The album isn't out fully until Saturday so you can "cop that shit" early if you wanna support me! 

I've said this before but you buying my album directly from this site is the equivalent of over 10,000 Spotify streams! They really don't pay very well at all and it would really mean a lot to me to sell some copies through this site. Just one download is the equivalent of what I pay to keep this site alive every month. 

Anyway... that's the sales pitch over with... The reason for this blog is for me to thank all the people who have helped me make this project. 

Let's start with Paul.... Aka Voodoo Ray, Aka P.K Beats.... the absolute man! Paul and I have been working together for the past year since he sent me a few beats randomly after us being introduced by a mutual friend. Paul is a genius when it comes to making music, always knows exactly what I want and works so hard in his own time behind the scenes, sorting out my dodgy singing, mixing tracks, mastering, taking out my breaths.... everything. Paul is a gentleman and now a very good friend of mine who deserves as much credit in this album as I do. So Paul.... from the bottom of my heart.... Thank you for all the work you've done for me. I can't wait to see what we can make next! 

Next up.... Jack aka JRHughesMusic aka the Orchestra king of the north! Jack fully produced my first album and helped me on my way to becoming the artist I am today and he's also played a major part in this album too. Although he hasn't made the music this time, that doesn't mean his contribution is diminished, I've recorded most of this album with Jack, taken Paul's music into his studio and Jack has been brilliant in guiding my delivery, flow and timing as well as always supporting me with ideas for lyrics when I'm in the studio and stuck for a line. Jack.... Thank you again. Thanks for putting up with my endless attempts at trying to sing and then trying to fix my fucking terrible singing in post production. Jack also provides backing vocals in some of my songs so if you hear what sounds like a female singer on the "Feeling Good" track.... Thank Jack for having the singing voice of a 9 year old girl! Genius Jack.... You're the man! 

Next up.... My wonderful support network of people who I go to for inspiration, guidance and advice. The people I send unreleased and often unfinished music to for feedback before I put it out to the world.

Mike Murphy, Shaun "Junkland" Waldren, Mick Hilton, Gavner P, Dale Coleridge aka Soul31, Rowen James, Seb Sagabashi (KBS Fitness if you need to get in shape)

Jonny Nadin (Bro) & Becci.  Pauly T (thanks for the inspiration). Mark at Envision Images, My Call of Doofy team mates, Rick Doofy, Chev Chellios, Smithy and my little brother Big Zietrum.

Mozza, Dan Rowan, Andy "SkinSketches" Dawson (for the artwork) my friend and business partner Kenny Jonzcyk, James Ellis for being my number one fan. Adam, Bev and Zak for always being there. 

Everyone at Positive Steps for supporting me... Liam, Marie and Victoria, thank you for putting me out there.  

Shoutout to Ultra_Eko for featuring on the album, a big inspiration to me and I'm grateful you shared your genius to be on my album. 

AEC for the brilliant vocals and all the support with writing. 

My Mum and Dad, the rest of my family. Thank you. 

My baby Summer Jones.... for being her Daddy's biggest fan, knowing all my songs and constantly telling everyone that we meet that I'm a famous rapper. Daddy loves you more than anything, you're the sole reason why I've tried to make something of my life! 

And finally my beautiful Stacy. For always encouraging me to chase my dreams and to dream big! I've never met anyone like you. Your support the last year or so has saved my life. You never judge me when I disappear into my own head, when I go to the studio, when I come back with lyrics that I know you don't want to hear. You accept me, on good days, bad days, my journey, my pain, my past.... Now to our future. I need you by my side. 


Anyway.... if I've missed anyone, please accept my apologies. Now.... go and buy the bloody album! 

Thank you to everyone for all your continued support. 


Mr Jones x


Album Breakdown part 2 

Morning all!

I meant to put this out a few hours after the first one but I'm not gonna lie..... I forgot. The life of being an independent music artist means I'm not only the writer and performer of my music, I'm also the accountant, graphic designer, marketing director, social media manager, agent, PR guy, distribution dude and everything else that comes with putting music out.... It's hard work!

Anyway.... The last post ended with Low Notes... Hopefully you guys checked out Ultra Eko.

Continuing on.... in at number 6, we have Rising Above. This song has been out since December last year and was one of the first songs I wrote for this album. It started with real life as most of my songs do, I got some heart wrenching news and I think I posted a Facebook post saying something like... "the saga continues, I deserve a medal for rising above drama" and this just kinda morphed into a song. The opening line is literally just that..... "It's the story of my life and the saga continues, I deserve a medal for the things that I've been through" The song is about not getting bogged down in life. Rise Above the drama, let things go, don't let those who hurt you win essentially. I really enjoy this song to be fair. It's a little bit vanilla.... But I like it.

7. Council House Strange.... This one might divide opinion but let me assure you, this song is purely based on the story of someone else. A friend on mine was seeing a lady and would describe her as "Council House Strange" which some may deem an insult... I grew up in the same situation so I ain't here judging but I'll happily rap about it if it makes good content for songs! Paul went nuts on making the beat and its heavily influenced by Jazz like a lot of my songs are. There's some killer lines in there too "When she's playing with my balls, I give her tips, She calls me coach" is probably my favourite.

Track number 8 - Hook Beat Money. This song has been a problem for me.... We all know my music is firmly in the "Boom Bap" section of HipHop but one night a few months ago i was having a drink with some of my friends (Jonny, Pauly T and Jack) and we got talking about music, Paul being the Trap Muzik king of Saddleworth (LOL) said to me.... "We all know you can write clever lyrics, But your music isn't very current..... Music in the charts these days is all about the Hook, the beat and then you get the money" obviously I wanted to punch him in the face but he did make sense.

I told him I would write a song with exactly that.... So I did..... It's a trap song. It was hard to write as that style of rap, it's so alien to me but I think I made it work. Time will tell! But shoutout to Pauly T for inspiring me to move out of my comfort zone, and also to Paul my producer for making the beat again!

9 - Power featuring AEC. My song "Fire" from the first album was a real fan favourite and a lot of this I think was down to the fact that it was a hybrid HipHop/Rock song and AEC really complimented the track with his Classic Rock style vocals. I wanted to get AEC back on this album so I wrote the song Power.

This might be favourite song on the album when you think about the lyrical content. although the song sounds quite dark, its actually a really inspiring track when you drill down. The song is about finding your inner strength, about realising that the power is always within you to overcome anything that life throws at you. I explain how it took me almost a year to find mine, to be able to look in the mirror and not see a shadow of my former self. To be happy again. If I can do it, you can do it! Mental health is an issue for a lot of people and you really can get out of any slump you put your mind to. My "Power" comes from writing songs, It's a release for me, it helps me say things that I can't say out loud. In fact, I say just that in the song "Find my strength in writing lyrics just like Popeye does in Spinach"

You just need to find yours! 

AEC really compliments the song and I'm massively proud of this one so we are making a music video too!


10 - Thinking... This song changed so many times! It started out as a completely different concept, all about life in general, are we alone? what's the point in life? that kinda vibe and I must have had an emotional episode when I carried on writing it because it morphed and ran away with me in a completely different direction. Sometimes this happens, I'll start off writing about something and then the pen takes hold and I just start flowing onto the page but with nothing to do with what I initially started writing about.

So Thinking turned into a song that explains how I think about things, for every positive thought I have, I instinctively go back to negative " I think about sunshine, I think about rain, I think about love but then I think about pain" I think this is something that a lot of people do but I really love this track. It's already out as a single so you can find it today! You can also support me by buying it directly from this site which is always appreciated.... shoutout to the people who already did this! This song was my first Spotify editorial playlist placement too so I'm super proud of that!

Feeling Good is track 11. Happy songs are the bane of my life. Ask me to write a deep, emotional track and I reckon I can bang one out in about 7 and a half minutes, ask me to write a happy song... Jeez!!

Paul sent me the beat for this one over a year ago and I planned to make a happy, bouncy, summer vibes, play-it-at -your-BBQ track...

I was really struggling until last week when it happened. There must have been something in the air (Probably pollen by the way my bastard hey fever has been ruining my life) but the sun was shining, England just beat Croatia and I was feeling good!!  This song just sounds like the way a cold pint on a hot summers day tastes in my opinion. They go hand in hand!

Lyrics about Call of Duty (let's not pretend we haven't all been living in Verdansk for the past year during lockdown ) Drinking Pimms and factor 50! What's not to like!

I posted a preview of this on my Instagram (@Mrjonesraps BTW) and a radio station editor in Sweden asked if they could play it, so despite it not actually being available to buy, stream or download yet, it's in rotation around Sweden. So I'm basically as big as ABBA now. (Fake it til you make it people lol)

Last but by no means least.... Track number 12.... Dead To Me!

I'm not quite sure what this track is about, someone else? The old me? I can't really explain it. But it goes through how I'm essentially a better person than I used to be. I used the trials and tribulations of my life to ignite the fire in my belly to force me to chase my dreams....It worked.


So there you have it. My second album "No Time To Waste" is available on July 17th for purchase, download, whatever. I will have 50 physical copies in the shape of CD's for those people fortunate to own a car that still possesses this primitive technology or those of you not in the 21st century who don't have Spotify! So let me know. All the songs will be available to purchase on this website, you buying it directly from me on here is so much better for me as an artist. I put a lot of money into making music, promoting it and publishing it and get very little back from streaming sites so if you have the opportunity to buy it direct, please do! It would go along way to helping me make a third and final album which is already in production by the way.

So yeah, if you like it, please share it with your friends and let me know.

If you don't, forever hold your god damn peace cos I don't take criticism well hahahaha. I'm kidding. Thick skin is the first thing you need when putting music out for the world to hear.

I absolutely love getting constructive criticism, for instance, my friend Gavner P (Host of the short talk podcast btw, look it up) gave me some for my first album, he told me that I swore too much and also said "Mr Jones" at every given opportunity, my initial response was  "I'm Mr Fucking Jones now piss off"

No, I took it onboard and have tried to keep the bad language to a minimum on this album. I also made a big effort to not shout "Mr Jones" every other line which was a lot harder but I think it did OK with that one. 

What isn't nice but part of the job are certain comments from people who don't really listen but might hear a clip and instantly comment "This is fucking shit" or whatever, this is always gonna happen. Music is all about taste and people aren't always gonna like it, I get that. But in the words of my idol, Mr Marshall Bruce Mathers III. 

"If you're gonna critique me you better at least be as good or better" 

Anyway... Thanks for putting the time into reading this. I know it was a long one. But it took you a fraction of the time it took for me to type this out twice (I accidentally deleted it yesterday and I'm raging that I had to start from scratch)

Thank you as always for your continued support! 

Until next time.... 

Mr Jones





Afternoon all,

Been a few weeks since i last posted so I thought I'd jump on and do a little blog update. My second album "No Time To Waste" is now finally finished. I recorded my final song "Feeling Good" just a few days ago with the help of my two producers Paul and Jack. The song is a proper Summer time vibe, play it at your BBQ kinda song and I'm really pleased with it. I really think the music that Paul made for it, really brings it to life so be sure to check that out when you get the album.

So the album.... It's gonna be 12 tracks again, the same as my debut album "Long Time Coming" (still available to stream/download/buy on all major platforms BTW!) and opens up with "SuperSonic"  which is probably one of my favourite songs on the album, fast, loud and energetic.... I'm dreading performing it live... probs gonna need a break after i do that one to be fair. Followed up by "Jailbreak" which is the direct opposite of track number 1 in the sense that it's super emotional and a fair bit slower but it's also a great song lyrically speaking, some of my best lines I've ever wrote and in Jailbreak and when you know my story, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Track number 3 is "Cashing Out" which is a song for the lads, its about betting on football, having a beer with your friends on a saturday afternoon and it's just an all round, good vibe song.

"Punchlines" comes in next, which is another fave of mine, there's no particular story behind this one, i had the concept of this song for a while where i essentially try to cram in as many punchlines, references and jokes in, kinda like a Stand -up comedy set and there are some belters in there. You can see the lyric video for this in the video tab in the menu on here, please go and check it out and leave a comment on my YouTube if you like it..... If you dont.... keep you damn mouth shut hahaha.

Next Up.... Low Notes featuring Ultra_Eko. Ultra is a friend of mine and a fellow rapper/song writer from South London. In my eyes an absolute genius and super active in the scene. Always putting out song after song, all of which are brilliant in my eyes. We wrote this song about being in a dark place, about mental health, something we all struggle with sometimes, myself in particular. But this song is brilliant, again, the beat by Paul is a masterpeice and Ultra's lyrics, tone and delivery really make this song a must listen to on the album. You can check out Ultra_Eko

Ill be back later on this evening to continue breaking down the album..... Check back then for the update!

Thanks for reading....

Mr Jones.




Hey people, Mr Jones here. Welcome back to the blog! 

Just a quick update on what's going on at the moment. So my second album "No Time To Waste" is practically finished, just waiting for a few weeks in case I end up writing something album worthy before I schedule a release. I made this mistake with the first album, I literally released every song I wrote instantly because I was in such a rush to get stuff out. Nowadays, I've learned that patience brings better songs. 

If you've seen my Instagram posts, a few weeks ago I was tinkering with changing my style for a song and making a kinda "Trap" song. I got loads of good feedback on this so I'm currently working on this, the song is called "Hook, Beat, Money" which is totally out of my comfort zone.

My songs have always been firmly in the "BoomBap" category of Hip hop but the music out there these days.... BoomBap is considered a little dated. Which I knew anyway, and I always believe that I should be making music that I enjoy. But I'm going off some advice from my friends who say.... "Make a more current sounding song" so here I am.... writing a trap song, going against everything I know in a hope that it might bring me some younger fans. 

I'm also doing some work with a local charity called Positive Steps, where I give monthly talks to school & college kids about what it takes to be an independent musician. It's really enjoyable and it feels great to pass on some knowledge. Even though I'm relatively new to this myself, I have picked up plenty of things that I can pass on. 

You can check out Positive Steps here if you're interested in what they do.......

Anyway... Thanks for reading and I'll be posting again in a couple of days with some news about my new business venture which is exciting!! 

Thank you for your continued support as always. 

If you want to support in more ways, you can purchase my music by going to the music tab above. My new single "Thinking" is available there, 2 weeks before general release. You buying it here is the equivalent of 10,000 Spotify streams believe it or not!! 

Mr Jones






New Website 

Hello everyone....


Welcome to the first blog post on my brand new website! This will be a regular feature where I'll share with you everything that I've been up to in the world of music and maybe even some personal stories.

I'll share my new ideas for songs, lyrics and beats.


Come back on Sunday for a full feature blog.


Mr J