There's Levels in this game... You Ain't on mine!” - Mr Jones

— Levels

Mr Jones

Hip hop artist & Songwriter

Rapper, Songwriter, Artist manager and Independent record label owner Mr Jones has been releasing music since 2019. With 2 albums released, both of which were well received. A third album is in the works and will drop in 2023 (Date TBC)

Mr Jones's talents extend beyond the mic, as he is also an accomplished songwriter. With a gift for crafting poignant lyrics. His songwriting prowess has allowed him to collaborate with a wide range of artists, transcending genres and creating music that resonates with listeners from all walks of life

In addition to his prowess as an artist, Mr Jones is the proud owner of Manchester Music Group, a record label dedicated to supporting emerging, local talent and fostering a vibrant music community. With a keen eye for talent and a genuine passion for music, he has worked tirelessly to provide a platform for artists to showcase their unique voices and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Representing artists such as Soul31, Rowen James, Illerstate, Harry HENCH, 4Zero, Mid90s & more to be announced soon. 


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