Afternoon all,

Been a few weeks since i last posted so I thought I'd jump on and do a little blog update. My second album "No Time To Waste" is now finally finished. I recorded my final song "Feeling Good" just a few days ago with the help of my two producers Paul and Jack. The song is a proper Summer time vibe, play it at your BBQ kinda song and I'm really pleased with it. I really think the music that Paul made for it, really brings it to life so be sure to check that out when you get the album.

So the album.... It's gonna be 12 tracks again, the same as my debut album "Long Time Coming" (still available to stream/download/buy on all major platforms BTW!) and opens up with "SuperSonic"  which is probably one of my favourite songs on the album, fast, loud and energetic.... I'm dreading performing it live... probs gonna need a break after i do that one to be fair. Followed up by "Jailbreak" which is the direct opposite of track number 1 in the sense that it's super emotional and a fair bit slower but it's also a great song lyrically speaking, some of my best lines I've ever wrote and in Jailbreak and when you know my story, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Track number 3 is "Cashing Out" which is a song for the lads, its about betting on football, having a beer with your friends on a saturday afternoon and it's just an all round, good vibe song.

"Punchlines" comes in next, which is another fave of mine, there's no particular story behind this one, i had the concept of this song for a while where i essentially try to cram in as many punchlines, references and jokes in, kinda like a Stand -up comedy set and there are some belters in there. You can see the lyric video for this in the video tab in the menu on here, please go and check it out and leave a comment on my YouTube if you like it..... If you dont.... keep you damn mouth shut hahaha.

Next Up.... Low Notes featuring Ultra_Eko. Ultra is a friend of mine and a fellow rapper/song writer from South London. In my eyes an absolute genius and super active in the scene. Always putting out song after song, all of which are brilliant in my eyes. We wrote this song about being in a dark place, about mental health, something we all struggle with sometimes, myself in particular. But this song is brilliant, again, the beat by Paul is a masterpeice and Ultra's lyrics, tone and delivery really make this song a must listen to on the album. You can check out Ultra_Eko

Ill be back later on this evening to continue breaking down the album..... Check back then for the update!

Thanks for reading....

Mr Jones.