Let's Go!

Morning all....

Hope everyone is doing well. This week is album launch week and if you've come here to read this blog then obviously the next logical step is to go to the music tab and buy my new album! This is priority access! The album isn't out fully until Saturday so you can "cop that shit" early if you wanna support me! 

I've said this before but you buying my album directly from this site is the equivalent of over 10,000 Spotify streams! They really don't pay very well at all and it would really mean a lot to me to sell some copies through this site. Just one download is the equivalent of what I pay to keep this site alive every month. 

Anyway... that's the sales pitch over with... The reason for this blog is for me to thank all the people who have helped me make this project. 

Let's start with Paul.... Aka Voodoo Ray, Aka P.K Beats.... the absolute man! Paul and I have been working together for the past year since he sent me a few beats randomly after us being introduced by a mutual friend. Paul is a genius when it comes to making music, always knows exactly what I want and works so hard in his own time behind the scenes, sorting out my dodgy singing, mixing tracks, mastering, taking out my breaths.... everything. Paul is a gentleman and now a very good friend of mine who deserves as much credit in this album as I do. So Paul.... from the bottom of my heart.... Thank you for all the work you've done for me. I can't wait to see what we can make next! 

Next up.... Jack aka JRHughesMusic aka the Orchestra king of the north! Jack fully produced my first album and helped me on my way to becoming the artist I am today and he's also played a major part in this album too. Although he hasn't made the music this time, that doesn't mean his contribution is diminished, I've recorded most of this album with Jack, taken Paul's music into his studio and Jack has been brilliant in guiding my delivery, flow and timing as well as always supporting me with ideas for lyrics when I'm in the studio and stuck for a line. Jack.... Thank you again. Thanks for putting up with my endless attempts at trying to sing and then trying to fix my fucking terrible singing in post production. Jack also provides backing vocals in some of my songs so if you hear what sounds like a female singer on the "Feeling Good" track.... Thank Jack for having the singing voice of a 9 year old girl! Genius Jack.... You're the man! 

Next up.... My wonderful support network of people who I go to for inspiration, guidance and advice. The people I send unreleased and often unfinished music to for feedback before I put it out to the world.

Mike Murphy, Shaun "Junkland" Waldren, Mick Hilton, Gavner P, Dale Coleridge aka Soul31, Rowen James, Seb Sagabashi (KBS Fitness if you need to get in shape)

Jonny Nadin (Bro) & Becci.  Pauly T (thanks for the inspiration). Mark at Envision Images, My Call of Doofy team mates, Rick Doofy, Chev Chellios, Smithy and my little brother Big Zietrum.

Mozza, Dan Rowan, Andy "SkinSketches" Dawson (for the artwork) my friend and business partner Kenny Jonzcyk, James Ellis for being my number one fan. Adam, Bev and Zak for always being there. 

Everyone at Positive Steps for supporting me... Liam, Marie and Victoria, thank you for putting me out there.  

Shoutout to Ultra_Eko for featuring on the album, a big inspiration to me and I'm grateful you shared your genius to be on my album. 

AEC for the brilliant vocals and all the support with writing. 

My Mum and Dad, the rest of my family. Thank you. 

My baby Summer Jones.... for being her Daddy's biggest fan, knowing all my songs and constantly telling everyone that we meet that I'm a famous rapper. Daddy loves you more than anything, you're the sole reason why I've tried to make something of my life! 

And finally my beautiful Stacy. For always encouraging me to chase my dreams and to dream big! I've never met anyone like you. Your support the last year or so has saved my life. You never judge me when I disappear into my own head, when I go to the studio, when I come back with lyrics that I know you don't want to hear. You accept me, on good days, bad days, my journey, my pain, my past.... Now to our future. I need you by my side. 


Anyway.... if I've missed anyone, please accept my apologies. Now.... go and buy the bloody album! 

Thank you to everyone for all your continued support. 


Mr Jones x